Triangle Fraternity
Clarkson Chapter
Friday (July 12, 2019) 3 PM: we had burgers & beer at Ronnies camp, 125 Gulf
        Rd., Colton, NY (wine & bourbon too)
Saturday (July 13) 2 PM: we toured 29 Bay St. & drank Labatts on tap
        with the actives of TDK
the quest to relive our mispent youth (reunion in 2019) was such fun, we may do it again some time in the future, but the
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What happened to the Ago anchor?
The coveted longest distance award (class of '67 brother coming the longest distance to the reunion) goes to Del Arthur from Rockford, Illinois, narrowly beating Gary Lewis by 25 miles
For a link to the reunion video on YouTube,
click on the pic of Hutch, or the link below the picture
Reunion of 2019

Reu nion of 2022:
cancelled due to lack of interest